Thursday, June 14, 2007


Roasted Red Pepper, Basil, and Provolone Cheese

I love these warm, crunchy and easy “Mexican grilled cheeses.” These are great and can be adapted to anyone’s liking. I chose to use roasted red pepper strips, basil, and provolone cheese but other great alternatives are sautéed mushrooms, grilled chicken pieces, artichokes, broccoli, spinach, sun dried tomatoes, olives, and any cheese you have on hand.

First heat a dry skillet over med-high heat, in the mean time pre-cook, dice, etc. all ingredients. Once the pan is heated place one tortilla on the skillet, place cheese down first, top with additional ingredients of your choice, top with more cheese and then place second tortilla on top. Use a large spatula and flip to the other side after 2-3 minutes, or until golden brown. Cook reverse side. Slice into wedges and enjoy! It is great served with a side of salsa for dipping!

First tortilla with cheese and toppings

Second tortilla placed on top and then flipped

Wedged and ready to enjoy!

This weeks mobile market pick-up!

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Megan Dill said...

I am all about Quesadillas... :)

I am adding your site to my list of sites to check out when we are looking for something new to make for dinner :) Your dishes look awesome!