Monday, August 20, 2007

Italian Anti-pasta Salad*****

click here for recipe

Prep all the ingredients for this dish the night before and prepare the vinaigrette and store in a jar. It makes for a super quick weekday dinner; just boil the pasta, toss in the other ingredients and vinaigrette, and your ready to serve. To lighten this up a bit I used turkey pepperoni instead of the salami and omitted the asiago cheese, I felt the provolone alone was plenty. I may toss in a few chopped artichokes next time as well!


Sara said...

That looks a lot like the Italian Pasta salad that I started making a few years back. I got the recipe from a nice older lady whom I worked with at Adelphia. Although, I use a bottled dressing instead of making my own. :o)

Jessica said...

Oh yeah, I do remember that recipe, it is similar. Didn't it have some bread crumbs or something crunchy sprinkled over the top? You should try making your own dressing this time, I used my mini food processor to make mine.

Sara said...

No bread crumbs, that I remember. Just parmesan cheese, instead of asiago... I'll have to dig out that recipe and compare the two! :o)