Sunday, February 3, 2008

Meeting Ellie Krieger!!!

Where do I even begin? The first time Ellie Krieger's new food show aired on Food Network "Healthy Appetite with Ellie Krieger" (currently airing Saturday's at 1pm) was the same spring day in 2006 that we were spending a lazy weekend at Lake Cumberland with The Winebarger's. Cooking healthfully had become my hobby several years prior, but I was ready to learn new techniques and skills that would enhance and compliment what I already new and believed. Needless to say, I fell in love with her. Since then I have made EVERY recipe that she has aired and everyone in her previous book "Small Changes, Big Results".

By the fall of 2006 I had even contacted an advisor at EKU, and was ready to enroll in courses to become a dietician. However, after reassessing my current life demands and what my goals in life really entailed, I decided I could make my dreams come true without taking out student loans and putting Andy and I into debt, which we were blessed to have not accumulated thus far.

One could basically say she has become my nutritionist, culinary teacher, personal trainer, and who I model my own families overall health after – truly my inspiration.

Yesterday, thanks to my thoughtful and super sweet husband who keeps me informed on current events, I met Ellie Krieger!! She was in Raleigh for her book tour! She came out (looked gorgeous) and spoke for about 30 minutes, then opened the floor to questions. During her speech she was recalling her Portobello Panini recipe as an example and couldn’t think of the last ingredient – sun dried tomatoes - who helped her out with the recall…yes, me :o) (I proved I was a true fan, ha ha) I also asked what was her overall preference of milks, skim or 1%? She said either was fine for most uses and whole milk and heavy whipping cream should be used in moderation. Then she personalized and signed both of her books that I brought. (She also said that I have a beautiful smile.)

I highly recommend her new book; she uses full-flavored, natural, nutrient rich ingredients. The food tastes so good, why wouldn’t someone choose to eat smartly and healthfully? “Ellie is a lover and proponent of good, fresh food, simply but deliciously prepared. And she's not about denial--no nonfat foods here, because when you take the fat out of natural foods, in go the chemicals.” I share and believe in this same philosophy myself.

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