Friday, February 29, 2008

Sunday's Run Down

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These cookies have whole-wheat pastry flour, dried fruit, walnuts, carrot puree, and cinnamon. They are full of great energy sustaining ingredients to get a day started off smoothly!


The batter is made, cookies are shaped, and they are individually frozen...ready to bake-off on a busy morning. I think every cook feel comforted by a freezer full of goodies; so my newest addition is quite satisfying.

Tuna Casserole**** and

Maple Squash Puree****

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I think the addition of sauteed mushrooms and broccoli florets to the casserole works really nice with the pasta and cream sauce.

When I served the maple squash I couldn't resist drizzling a little extra maple syrup over it and a sprinkle of chinese five spice or cinnamon.

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