Thursday, April 10, 2008

Early Spring Garden Photos

These are photos of our work so far in the backyard garden. Andy decided this year he wanted to expand the garden area around the patio to give the yard more of a "homey" feel - like are old backyard in Kentucky (which we really miss).

foodblog 010

Back left to right: mint, oregano, rosemary

Middle four pots: chives, thyme, basil parsley

Front: dill

I still plan to add sage and tarragon, I missed not having them last year. I'm going to the State Farmers Market Saturday morning with a friend, I hope to find both of them there along with heirloom tomato and pepper plants.

foodblog 001

Purple plum tree planted last fall; it had sweet, white blossoms a few weeks ago.

foodblog 003

The arc around the patio - herbs on the left and will be an azalea bush on the right and probably the tomato and pepper plants. Look how green the grass is this year, yeah! Bring on the rain, with a few dispersed days of sunshine so that I can put the hammock and umbrella out. :o)

foodblog 013

****UPDATE: It's just been reported that there are green leaves on the crepe myrtle!

Andy also wanted a stone walk way to the back gate. We planted a crepe myrtle last fall too, unfortunately it didn't make it. We have ordered a Brown Turkey Fig Tree to replace it. I am really looking forward to having fresh figs this August, the grower said it was very possible for it to bare fruit this year!


Our backyard in KY - much bigger, and in these photos the grass still had the cute little lines around the sod (as Steve once put it).


Look at that "blue " grass! We had a Japanese maple, my peonies from Becky, and hostas on the left side of the deck. On the right side was my herb garden.


Later, we mulched under the deck too and planted hostas - I hope they're still growing for me now...there's a Strawberry Rhubarb Crumble downstairs waiting for me.

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Sara M. said...

Lookin' good! I hope you enjoy your yard this year as much as you enjoyed your yard in KY. I'm sure it will be beautiful!