Monday, April 28, 2008

My Birthday Cake (in the making)

So I made it a day early...

foodblog 009

The cake batter

foodblog 006

Stiff peaked egg whites

foodblog 010

Folding egg whites into cake batter

foodblog 015

Cooled German chocolate cake rounds

foodblog 002

Coconut pecan frosting, cooling to room temp (I also placed it in the refrigerator to allow it to fully thicken.)

misc 004

The masterpiece! Not bad at all for my first of many German Chocolate Cakes!!! My grandmother has made these for the family birthday's for years - but...since I now live 8 hours from home, mine will have to be second best.

foodblog 003b


1 comment:

Sara M. said...

Looks beautiful! I wish I were able to have a piece with you to celebrate your BIRTHDAY! Hope your day is wonderful! LOVE YOU.