Thursday, April 10, 2008

Yeah - Mobile Market Time!!!

I changed Mobile Market farmers this year and I love the service that my new farm provides! They email me a list of what fresh veggies, fruits, beef, pork, and eggs that they have available for the week along with the cost of each and I respond by Saturday evening of what my choices are. Then on Tuesday afternoons I swing by Duke Gardens and pick it up! Since I have prepaid for the whole summer I just choose what I want that adds up to my total weekly cost and if I want more than that I pay the extra amount when I get there - too cool! They also emailed me a recipe ahead of time that uses bok choy and green garlic as ingredients, so I am going to choose both of those items. Here's this weeks offerings:


green leaf lettuce

red oakleaf lettuce


green oakleaf lettuce

red buttercrunch lettuce

green buttercrunch lettuce


boc choy


baby lettuce mix

green garlic


swiss chard




pork (all meat is usually about 1lb pks)

mild country sausage

breakfast links


reg. bratwurst

sweet italian

garlic bratwurst


ground pork

pork bones

pork ribs

beef cube steak

stew beef


Amy said...

Do you use Brinkley Farms? I started with their winter CSA and am continuing with their spring CSA. I have been really happy with everything I've gotten, and I like having the options.

Jessica said...

Yes, I do use Brinkley Farms and pick-up at Duke Gardens. I used Lyons Farm last year but decided to switch this year so that I could also purchase local meat and dairy. So far I am very happy with my decision!