Monday, May 26, 2008

A few doggie moments...

We had some fun videotaping the pups a couple weekends ago and we seem to be paying extra attention to our older beagle, Finley. He is 10 years old and still very active, but we notice a lot of little things that let us know he's getting older. He snores louder at night, is more stubborn about getting up out of bed, there's a lot of gray on his muzzle, and he also looks skinner to me. So we have been videotaping him snoring, asking for dinner, etc.

Turn your volume up for these!

Finley dreaming and barking - he's wedged between me and the couch. He notices Andy recording him, but doesn't really wake-up :o)  This video cracks me up, he sounds like the Easter bunny.

And one of Wilson (3 1/2 years old) - he has his own little quirks. He doesn't like to be bothered once he goes to bed. Hilarious!

Finally, the two of them "asking" for supper.  They don't usually have to ask, but every once in a while Finley gets in a talkative mood about supper or taking a walk.


[foodblog 037[6].jpg]

Two "brothers" - Finley on the left and Wilson on the right.

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Sara M. said...

Cute! I feel bad for poor Wilson though - he's just trying to go to bed - leave the poor guy alone! ;o)