Sunday, June 22, 2008


Elodie Farms surpassed our expectations - the farm was very friendly, clean to walk around, they provided a mini tour and a sampling of three fresh cheeses (montago, chevre, and tomme) before the meal, the atmosphere was perfect and cozy, ability to bring your own beer/wine, and the food was superb!!  Watts Grocery chef Amy Tournquist was amazing and eloquent last night.  We are definitely huge fans of hers - here's the run down of the courses as best I can recall - and just about everything is LOCAL!!


First course: citrus shrimp salad, with pea shoots and pickled artichoke

Second course: fresh red and yellow tomatoes with basil, creamy vinaigrette, and plenty of chevre

Third course: buttery, smooth rack of lamb, individual rosemary corn puddings, baby squash, green beans and tomatoes

Fourth course: sweet shortcakes with blueberries, blackberries, and homemade peach ice cream with a sprig of lavender

Elodie Farms 6-21-08 (6)

The goats were really friendly, I thought one of them was trying to eat my hand though!

Elodie Farms 6-21-08 (17)

Elodie Farms - Dinner on the Porch 


Kath said...

That farm looks good - potential double date spot!? Hubby is cute too :)

sarah said...

YUM!!! that sounds as wonderful as could be! when's the next one? i want to go!