Sunday, June 22, 2008

Winding Down...

I had a great weekend - it was full of socializing which apparently was just what I was needing. 

Friday night Andy and I had a date night at home with a nice dinner and movie. 

Saturday, I did a little morning baking and then met two new friends, Sarah and Kath, for lunch in Hillsborough at the just opened Weaver Street Market.  That evening (as posted below) Andy and I met up with Kimberly and Ben for "Dinner on the Porch" at Elodie Farms - it was amazing!


Finally, Sunday we felt quite exhausted from our previous late night out but we made it to church and enjoyed a quick afternoon chat with Rebecca, one of our Charging Rhino's members.  We caught up on house work, lunch preps for the week, and some needed chill time this afternoon.  This evening we were invited over to Amanda and Darin's house to meet their baby girl for the first time! and another couple Holly and Justin.  We had a great time and I feel very grateful to be surrounded by such wonderful people again in my life. 

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