Saturday, July 19, 2008

Dinner out - Rue Cler Style

We met our friends tonight for a quick night out at one of our favorite Durham restaurants, Rue Cler.  They offer a "prix fixe" menu where you get a 3 course dinner for $30 - what a great price!


Andy started the evening off with a full-bodied red

foodblog 013

I snuck a few sips!!

foodblog 015

Mixed Greens, Grapes, Pine Nuts, Fourme d'Ambert Viniagrette

foodblog 018

Asparagus, Farm-Fresh Egg, Sauce Béarnaise

foodblog 020

Duck Breast, Mushroom and Brie Tart, Cherry Gastrique - Andy ordered this and we all agreed the mushroom and brie tart was amazing, we declared it the best thing of the night!!

foodblog 022

NC Red Snapper, Local Red Potato, Fennel and Tomato Salad

foodblog 023

Sweet Ending - Black and Blueberry Crêpe with Chocolate Creme Anglaise

foodblog 025

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sarah said...

i didn't know they ever stopped doing the fixed price dinners -- and i think it used to be 3 for $25. either way that looks amazing -- ESPECIALLY that mushroom-brie tart! yum! we need to go with you two sometime :)