Friday, July 11, 2008

Our First Durham Bulls Game

Tonight Andy and I spent our evening at our first Durham Bulls game!  We really enjoyed ourselves and it was the perfect weather for it too (about 83 degrees with cloudy skies).  The food, company (it was work sponsored so we got to spend time with one of my co-workers), game (which I didn't see much of :), and fireworks were all fabulous!  I splurged and had a burger and hotdog, with a little baked beans and macaroni and cheese - plus some milk duds!


Pre-game warm-up

Durham Bulls July 2008 (4)

Durham Skyline with the Durham Bull and the Durham Centre (my new office building, blue diamond in the back)

Durham Bulls July 2008 (1)

Fireworks over the Lucky Strike smoke stack

Durham Bulls July 2008 (12)

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Kath said...

Awww!! I grew up with Durham Bulls games. I remember it when we went to the OLD ballpark - my name is in a brick outside of the new one. It's in the Wool E. Bull square, I believe :)