Saturday, August 2, 2008

Saturday Morning Accomplishments

Trip to Durham Farmer's Market:

I woke up this morning excited to venture down to the Durham Farmer's Market.  Since I participate in Duke's CSA program and get weekly boxes from Brinkley Farms I had never been to the city market (I know, what's the matter with me?)  After hearing that Elodie Farms had strawberry chevre, I could wait no more!!  It was a quick 10 minute drive to Foster St, I could see the market ahead of me and was impressed at the size and selection of vendors.  I really enjoyed myself, there were a nice number of people there though not too crowded.  I saw a few leashed dogs too, so I may consider brining my two if Andy and I were to visit together. I made only minor purchases of a fresh head of garlic and the well anticipated strawberry chevre.  I plan to dip into that tonight with a glass of wine!! 

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BTW, I am also quite excited about the opening of Durham Central Market - "Durham Central Market follows the owner/member model of local co-op groceries, like Weaver Street Market in Carrboro and Chatham Marketplace in Pittsboro, but with a distinctively Durham flavor."  How cool will that be?!


DIY: Wedding Dress Preservation:

Overtime we've gone back home to KY I see me wedding gown just laying up in my in-laws attic and I feel enormous guilt that I haven't done something to preserve it (and I've just celebrated my 6th wedding anniversary).  This time we packed it up in the car with us and carted it back to NC.  After the wedding it was dry cleaned and placed in the classic white zipper bag that it was purchased in.  I came home and researched several dry cleaners and then obtained price quotes.  It turns out it was going to cost about $225-$250 to get it professionally dry cleaned. Knowing that is would be highly unlikely for it to ever be worn by someone else, I came to realize I really just wanted to take care of it the best way I could.  I came across these DIY instructions and was able to preserve it myself for less than $50!!  I purchased a pair of white gloves, 3-yards of unbleached muslin cloth at the fabric store, a large under the bed box (see details in the instructions above), and 3 packs of Acid & Lignin Free Archival Wrapping Tissue (10 sheets each).


Wedding gown on top of archival tissue paper inside a muslin lined under the bed bin. 

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Folding and stuffing the train inside the bin.

foodblog 013 

I wrapped the ring bearer pillow and my matching wrap in archival tissue and then added them.

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Finally, I layered more archival paper over the whole dress and gently tucked in the top layer of muslin.

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All tightly wrapped up and ready to store!!  We secured the lid with packing tape and are storing it in a cubby area under are stairs.  I feel very good about the job I did and that I made the right decision for me in doing it myself and saving big time.

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Securing Our Important Documents:

Lastly, I purchased a fire safe and waterproof lock box for our important documents.  We had a safe deposit box when I worked at MHFCU back in Lexington, KY but now that we don't live near our new credit union we decided to keep them safe and secure at home. 

We haven't quite decided where to keep this inside the house.

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Sorted, labeled, and filed away!  We are going to take photos of everything in the house and put them on a CD to place in the box along with a back-up of our hard drive.  Andy is also working on converting our priceless VHS tapes over to DVD's.  These include our band competitions from high school and college, our wedding and honeymoon in Alaska, and my hilarious Junior Miss competition.

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