Saturday, September 13, 2008

Beach Make Ahead: Pastitsio

14 days and counting until our annual perfectly relaxing beach trip!!  The beach prep continues...

Friday night:

  • made and froze a 9x13 of pastitsio - ground turkey, tomato paste, penne pasta, and parmesan cheese sauce

foodblog 039

Meat mixture for my step-dad, he's a non-believer in cheese (!)- I know...and all those years I was ridiculed for being a picky eater...whose the picky eater now??? ;p  (I through in a diced zucchini.)

foodblog 042

  • mixed pita chili spice blend (double batch) to make whole-wheat pita crisps once there

foodblog 036 

  • patted out 1 lb each of hot and mild country sausage from King's Red & White (the best sausage and burgers I have found!!)

 foodblog 035


Kath said...

I am so impressed with all of your freezing!! Please let us know if they turn out well when you actually eat them.

anonymous-1 said...

Well since there's no actual recipe here (I was looking for the Pastitsio one) I'll pick on your spelling...

"(I through in a diced zucchini.)"

Shouldn't that be threw in???