Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Eastern North Carolina BBQ

I picked up a 1 1/2 lbs pulled BBQ pork tonight (as the final item to freeze and take with us to the beach )from Byrd's BBQ along with 1/2 lb tonight for dinner. We both decided to forgo a bun, the pork was warm, juicy and delicious all on its own. I quickly split and baked an Acorn Squash and we were ready to go!

foodblog 053

Final Summer CSA - Week 12

foodblog 051

roma beans lb

yellow cherry tomatoes pt

4 mini-pumpkins (munchkin)

4 mini-white pumpkins (baby boo)

3 pump-ke-mon

eggs dz (they went right into the fridge and I forgot to pull them back out to photo)

I got enough baby pumpkins to share with my Mom when she arrives Friday night!!! Yeah, a week with my parents - been a long time since I had mom to myself for that amount of time :-p

A Little Home Improvement

Andy and I have always wanted to paint our stair well and upstairs hallway and loft. We've finally gotten the feeling that it's the next household project that we want to dive into (it's been awhile since we've done anything indoors). I found a really cool paint color in this summers Pottery Barn catalog called atmospheric! I purchased one gallon today for a trial run. It's kind of a stormy blue with a hint of green - we both like it!! We plan on painting it all a weekend or two after we get back from the beach. BTW, the odd photographs are of Andy's electronmicroscopy lab work from grad school.

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Kath said...

LOVE the color!

hot garlic said...

The color is adorable, it looks really great.

Great minds! I made pulled pork a few days ago too. Yours looks different to mine, let's swap recipes!