Monday, September 1, 2008

Savannah - Day 2

Saturday went by so quickly…we started off with a quick breakfast at the hotel (half a waffle and OJ). Then, along with the dogs, set out for our first stop to the host podium of The Lady and Sons to make lunch reservations for four at 3:00 PM.

Savannah 2008 039

We were surprised at the line since the hostess had told me the day before just to show up at 9:30 AM no sweat – but the line went quickly and we were able to secure our spot.

Savannah 2008 040 

We then walked around Savannah’s center with the pups. We hope this wears them out for awhile when we head back out without them for lunch.

Pat and Lori joined us at 12:30 PM from Auburn, AL. They are so wonderful to have along with us, we got to catch up (I grew up with both of them and we were church/youth group buddies) and explore a new town together. Their room wasn't ready for check-in so we set out to tour before lunch. 

Lunch was disappointing compared to the night before, unfortunately the food was good but not memorable.  Lori and I got the grilled vegetable sandwich with fries and the guys went for the buffet. It was fun to try so many foods off of each others plates though.

Lori and I with Paula Deen

Savannah 2008 049

The plan was then to head back to the hotel, let them check-in and rest for a couple hours with the now four dogs, give them supper, and then take the haunted pub craw!! We made it back out a little early, walked along the Savannah River again, enjoyed pb fudge and the Savannah Candy House – it was such a pleasant evening out. Savannah 2008 057

Right as we were walking to the first pub to begin the tour, the cell phone rang. The hotel was calling because apparently our dogs were barking again and disturbing the other guests. (Note to self: do not take dogs to a hotel!) We had to bum out on the tour, come back (they were miraculously not making one peep when we tromped down the hotel 3-4 times to TRY and make them bark).

We settled into the night with plenty of beer, Godfather’s Pizza, and Jackass the Movie. It was still a fun night, just not the exciting night out we had hoped for…

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