Monday, September 1, 2008

Savannah - Day 3

Sunday morning started out with a guided walking tour of the town with the pups.  It ran for 2-hours and gave us a nice history and appreciation of our surroundings.

I love the huge oak trees in the court yards (many were covered with Spanish moss)

Savannah 2008 074

Savannah's historic Bonaventure Cemetery - "the garden" from John Berendt's book Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

Savannah 2008 094

Cathedral of St. John the Baptist

Savannah 2008 099

Can you tell my dogs aren't used to two hours of walking??  Wilson did this several times during our stops :)

Savannah 2008 082

Downloading the camera photos today I realized I don't have one single serious photo of Lori and Pat ;p

Savannah 2008 108

These were taken during our second attempt (and success) of the Haunted Pub Crawl.  We had a blast!!

Savannah 2008 125

The dogs were so worn out they were perfect in the hotel room by themselves.  AND a final mention of our Kentucky Wildcats who beat Louisville 27-2!!!

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