Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Blessings


I love you Google Calendar!!!  I was mentally preparing to transfer my Outlook Menu Plan over to Google Calendar.  I thought doing this month by month wouldn't be so bad.  Thankfully, I thought to research if they had an import/export feature that was compatible with Outlook and THEY DO!!!!  I am so THRILLED it even imported my saved recipe website links and allows you to transfer as far back and as far forward as you want!!  So I have my WHOLE menu planning system online now for easy access wherever I am!!! Yea!

*******************************************************************Here's a few photos of Andy and I at the Eno State Park Saturday afternoon.  It was our first visit there, about a 20 minute drive for us and we really enjoyed ourselves (and it was free).  It was nice to be out in nature amongst her glorious shade!

Along the Eno River

Eno 2008 (4)

Eno 2008 (7) 

I love my wildly funny hubby!

Eno 2008 (3)

Eno 2008 (10)

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Kath said...

YAY Google Calendar!!!

And I've been on that hike before :)