Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fun with Friends

...I started the morning out by making a breakfast sandwich for Andy and me on our new Arnold's Sandwich Thins.  They were quiet good, we both enjoyed them and I love that on Weight Watcher's they are only 1 pt!!  Score!  I can see these becoming part of our daily lives...toasted with jelly just might be their next attire.

foodblog 002

Then I met my college friend Kate, her "siser" Bridget, and her two twin boys at Southpointe Mall today.  She was in town getting their 2-year old pictures made and was kind enough to let me tag along :o)  We had lunch at the food court (only I was stuffed from this mornings sausage and egg sandwich) and then let the boys play at the indoor play center.

I found this super cute store called Swoozie's, and bought a nice new embroidered key chain there.  I love little purchases like this that don't cost much but make me smile every time I use it. 

foodblog 028

Then I made beer cheese...

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