Saturday, February 28, 2009

Buffalo Chicken Style Meatball Stromboli

Wow! I used three major ingredients in this stromboli and it was unbelievably flavorful! (I thought cheese would only add calories and the flavor would get lost so I didn’t use any…and I didn’t miss it.

foodblog 043

For the dough recipe and basic technique, see my previous post here. The only difference is that this time I placed all the ingredients along one side of the rolled out rectangular shaped pizza dough and then folded the top half of the dough over it. foodblog 029

Cut 4 air holes on the top before baking. Brush with egg white and sprinkle with dried herbs. Bake at 500 degrees for 12 minutes.

foodblog 033

I ate 1/4 of the stromboli which totaled 385 calories (225 dough, 40 pizza sauce, and 120 meatballs).

Homemade Whole Wheat Pizza Dough: Nutrition Facts, per ball


We’re off to do a little shopping, wine tasting, pizza eating and UK basketball watching!


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Thanks for the shout-out! I entered ya!

Nicole (Sweetie Pie) said...

That pizza dough looks awesome!!

Emily said...

Thanks for linking back to me and entering the contest, Jessica!