Sunday, February 8, 2009

Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce Giveaway!!!

Last week l was contacted by Country Bob's and asked if I would try/review their Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.  We love a good sauce, so without hesitation I said YES and a few days later received two bottles in the mail! 

I've got a couple recipe ideas already in mind, but I decided my first test for the sauce would be a classic, Baked Chicken Wings with Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce.  

 foodblog 013

Marinate 1 lb wings for 1-2 hours in 1/4 cup sauce.  Place on broiler pan and bake at 425 degrees for 20 minutes.  Flip over and bake 10 additional minutes.  In a medium size bowl, toss wings with another 1/4 cup sauce.

foodblog 026

This BBQ sauce has the perfect blend of smoky sweetness and vinegar tang.  It's really great!  I can't wait to try this out on other recipe ideas! 

Country Bob's Contest!

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Country Bob's has agreed to send out two of my blog readers two bottles of sauce!  Leave a comment on this post (by Monday at 5 PM EST) telling me what creative recipe idea you'd use the sauce in, your email address, and city/state.  Andy and I will select our two favorite recipes and announce the winners with my dinner post Monday night.  Good luck!


nape said...

A friend sent me this link, because she's been encouraging me to try Country Bob's sauce. So here I am!

I've never made BBQ ribs very well, but just tried a new recipe for pork featherbones last Sunday. The ribs cooked beautifully, but I'm still dissatisfied with the (brand X) sauce I used. I'd love to try them again using Country Bob's.

Dumaurier said...

My parents used to take me to a meat market in Los Angeles and they had the best marinated kabobs. I no longer live in California but I still crave them, oh they were soo good! I think this sauce would make a wonderful shish kabobs marinade.

Shel said...

I'm here like Nape because our friend Carolyn told us that Country Bob's sauce rocks.

So here I am, I'm pretty lame in the recipe department but if I can crockpot it, it's all good. I'd probably throw some spare ribs in the crockpot and smother them with this sauce. I'm also thinking chicken wings.

Kath said...

Aww i missed it!! But I already have some sauce :)