Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine's Day: Recipe for Love

My sweetie and I are celebrating Wine Authorities' style. Here's their "Recipe for Love"

The Makings:
(serves 2 amorous people)
    • 1 bottle of wine: sparkling, red or white
    • 1 Dolly Mama Eros Box of handmade chocolates
    • 2 Red candles
    • More chocolate i.e. Michel Cluizel bars for backup
    • 2 wine corks
    • Track 3 of Barry White Sings For Someone You Love (1977)
    • 1 bottle London Gentleman, Blackbeard's Delight, or Sex Panther cologne (only if you dare)
    Put on the Barry White track and push the repeat button. Light the candles and position them for easy access. Add a light spray of cologne if you can handle it. Dim the lights or just turn them off. Open the wine, pour two glasses. Begin tasting together. Have the Eros box of chocolates open and ready when the moment is right. Save the chocolate bars for emergency use. Garnish with one long lasting kiss.

    We started the morning off with a heart warming, lovely french toast and champagne breakfast. We're also celebrating our 2-YR Anniversary of moving to North Carolina this weekend. I couldn't;t think of a better way to combine the two than decadent foods made locally!

    • Mimosa's with Mango Orange Juice

    foodblog 021

    foodblog 038

    • Heart Shaped French Toast Stuffed with PB & Cherry Jellyfoodblog 035
    • Guglhupf's Olive Ciabatta - Rustic northern Italian flatbread with a light, airy interior Slice thin and serve with spreads/olive oil for parties. 100% wheat. foodblog 017
    • Giacomo's local Hot Soppresseta Giacomo purchased at Wine Authorities - with a hit of cayenne and red pepper for a taste that’s spicy but not overpowering. This salami is made the traditional way—by hand. Coarsely chopped meat is seasoned with garlic, wine, and fresh herbs for an old-world taste. foodblog 025
    • Alessandra Trompeo's local Mille Spezie Cheese purchased at Wine Authorities- It is a creamy, buttery cheese with Jamaican Pepper (clove pepper) dispersed in it. The flavor is very aromatic and you can have a burst of flavor by retaing the spices in the cheese or you can remove them for a more gentle taste.foodblog 026
    • Nugan Estate Riverina Chardonnay 2007 purchased at Wine Authorities - Rich, toasty aromas of canned peach and melon, with cinnamon, nutmeg and vanillin spice notes. On the palate, complex layers of ripe peaches and cream with all spice nuances. foodblog 023
    • Dolly Mama's purchased at Wine Authorities - Euro Box of nine hand made local chocolates: The Oscuro, Love Potion, Garam Masala, Shangri-La, Doce de Leite, Gianduiotto, Earl Grey Kiss, Golden Buddha, Don Juan. foodblog 010

    Wine Authorities also prints off complimentary tasting notes for most of their products!

    foodblog 012

    I'll be back later tonight with photos of the actual spread! I hope everyone enjoys their Valentine's Day!


    Salamanzar and Grand Poobah Wine Swami said...

    Jessica, Thank you for the mention of Wine Authorities on your blog. Much appreciated. But what are the corks for in the recipe of love? -Salamanzar

    Jessica said...

    ha ha - you tell me! It's your recipe...I figured they're just leftover from the two bottles of wine that are opened ;p