Thursday, April 9, 2009

Use it Up - Salmon!

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I used my standard salmon cakes recipe with the leftover sweet and spicy rubbed salmon filets. Since the salmon was already pre-seasoned I omitted the other spices I usually add and instead added 1 tsp prepared horseradish (the hub loves the stuff).

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The brown sugar from the original seasoning WAS SO GOOD in the salmon cakes!! I never would have thought to add the hint of sweetness to the salmon cakes on my own, but I think I’ll be adding the rubbing seasoning to my mix from now on! YUM!

I served mine with a dollop of whole milk European-style yogurt, kusherie and frozen cherry chipotle-chili cornbread muffins on the side.

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Dessert tonight was a sheet of matzo spread with peanut butter and a sprinkling of shredded coconut.

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Leah said...

I love salmon fish cakes!! They are so great! Your recipe looks good!

ashley (sweetandnatural) said...

I just clicked over to your salmon cakes recipe and it looks so good! I love that you use cornmeal instead of flour. Very cool

Peggy said...

I love salmon patties and your salmon for CEiMB looks fabulous too. I really liked that dish. Happy Easter.

Sweetie Pie said...

Those look good (as I knew they would when you mentioned them in your earlier post... ), and I love ideas for using up leftovers in creative ways. So tasty!!

I'm also a fan of your little peanut butter and coconut sweet treat. PB and coconut = Bliss! Those are two of my favorite things.

Have a great weekend!:-)