Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dinner at Six Plates Wine Bar

Diana and I had a fantastic time at Six Plates Wine Bar! The owner, Matt, was so friendly and helpful this evening as he guided us through the menu and allowed us to photograph the place.

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Here’s a feel for the decor inside – hip, yet comfortable.

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We were told the that the featured “six plates” change almost daily, depending on what is fresh and available locally.

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We started with the evening with the “Tenured” Lamby Joes. I loved the mini ciabatta buns and the “joe” mixture was made with lamb, chorizo, and fennel.

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For our "main” course we chose the Braeburn Farms Sirloin with a local Asparagus Hash and a Fig Demi – delish!

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This was paired with a glass of Olivares Monastrell from Spain, which I found to be a nice full bodied and fruity wine that paired nicely with the fig flavors.

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Six Plates then surprised us with a complimentary Tuna Tartar Tower served with Avocado, Jicama, and a Mango-Vanilla Vinaigrette.

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Who can resist bacon flavored popcorn?

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Flat bread of the evening – garbanzo spread with harassa, local tomatoes, cheese blend, and a citrus-yogurt drizzle. This turned out to be a great last minute pick!!

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We concluded our evening with Six Plates “Strawberry Shortcake”, we subbed the goat cheese gelato for thai mint gelato!! The berries were local and by far the best I’ve had all season. The “shortcake’ was crunchy and fun to eat…but I did miss the having a soft and fluffy biscuit with it.

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This was paired with one of my favorite wines, a Late Harvest Gewurtzraminer, and I couldn’t resist a pour.

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After dinner we walked across the court yard to Copa Vida Coffee. I was pleased to hear they serve locally brewed Counter Culture coffee and local cream too!

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We both enjoyed a caramel latte, I loved the earthiness of the mug and the artfulness of the foamy topping. The perfect conclusion to a wonderful evening. Thanks Diana, I look forward to future dinners to come!! Be sure to check out Diana's gorgeous photos and recap too.

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Leah @ Simply Fabulous said...

"Six Plates" looks NICE!

Love the dessert!!
Anything with strawberries is a winner in my books.

Anonymous said...

Your pictures look awesome! Lovely recap. Sat was so fun - we have to do that again very soon...maybe next trip will involve some dim sum or a trip to the farmers market? many good choices!