Sunday, May 3, 2009

Baked Felafel

My goal for today was to take it slow and easy after having such a fabulous night out. Unfortunately, afterwards I let the late night munchies and they never lead to anything good…I came home and had TWO slices of Chocolate Walnut Pie!! This morning my stomach was grumbling and coffee didn’t even sound good…like I said, slow and easy.

For breakfast I made a tropical smoothie and eventually had that cup of coffee. Lunch ended up being a small bowl of cereal.

For dinner I mixed up a batch of white beans and herbs for baked felafel. Once cooked I stuffed these little guys in a whole wheat pita with lettuce, tomato, and dressing. I really liked the smooth texture that the white beans have verses chickpeas that I used the last time,

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Steph (I am Bee) said...

ahhh falafels are my faaavorite