Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday in Downtown Durham

We had such a fun day and it was gorgeous out. Andy caught a sore throat, so we didn’t make it to all the places we’d hoped but he still showed me a wonderful afternoon, it was great to have a chauffer and photographer around.

Our first stop was to Daisy Cakes! She’s a hip baker that sells unique baked goods out of a “mobile shop”…a truck (better known as Sugar). This idea is quite popular in Durham; we have several taco trucks and a burger truck too! I purchased a cupcake (which I resisted all morning and had for an afternoon treat).

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I got a PB & J cupcake – vanilla cupcake filled with strawberry jam and a peanut butter cream frosting!

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The Doughman Quadrathlon was also taking place and we saw several participants while we were out. “The DOUGHMAN is the world's premier Team Relay Quadrathlon - combining competitive eating with a traditional triathlon. They raise funds and awareness for the Durham Inner-city Gardeners program at SEEDS”. Eat+run, eat+'swim', eat+bike!

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Next we were off to the Durham Farmer’s Market and Durham Craft Market. MY first stop was to Dolly Mama’s Handmade Chocolates. Here I got two treasures – a box of Sea Turtles and a bag of Organic Strawberry Pate de Fruit!! A portion of the profits from each box of Sea Turtles sold at the market is donated to the North Carolina sea turtle rehab and conservation.    
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We had fun walking around, I was on the lookout for asparagus but I think I’ve missed the growing season here. I contemplated strawberries too, but they were mostly picked over so I decided to wait and get more at Wednesday’s market. So…if you’re paying attention, the only thing I bought was handmade chocolate and candies…and don’t forget the cupcake from earlier :-P

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We then had some time to spare and made a trip over to World Market, I’d hear last week that the store closest to us is liquidating…and today confirmed that it was true…boo.

Finally, we headed over to our favorite place Wine Authorities to check out the Rosé Garden. “Just like last year, our garden is near the front of the store & dedicated to dry pink wines all summer long.  Complete with a white fence, tiki torches, a garden gnome, a swan and loads of rosé wines throughout the season.”

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You just can’t leave their shop without a smile on your face :)

Here’s our afternoons purchases – cupcake, sea turtles, strawberry fruits, rose and pinot grigio wines, loaf of batard, and jalapeno bacon – yep!!! Jalapeno Bacon smoked at the Loveless Cafe in TN, I can’t give up my source on that one…

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I hope you’re enjoying the Memorial Day weekend!

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