Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Baked Corn Dogs and Potato Fries

I think corn dogs are such a fun, comfort food. I put them in the same category as fish sticks. I used to pull these from the freezer as a kid on nights when my Mom wasn’t home. I suppose it was assuring to know, even as a kid, that I could always pull something like this out of the freezer and be set. Now as an adult, I prefer to make a healthier version. I’ve made this same recipe for a couple years now.

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I meant to mix in chopped fresh rosemary and thyme but forget, so instead I garnished the tops with it. I always serve my corn dogs with a even mixture of ketchup and mustard.

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Durham Hype 

Washington Post has a great article out today on Durham’s Counter Culture Coffee, our local coffee bean roaster. I’ve been wanting to go get “coffee educated” at one of their Friday cuppings for awhile now…

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Finally, last night we went to a Durham Bulls game with our church group. It was a cloudy day, which was almost perfect except for the small amount of rain we had to endure.

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Wool E. Bull

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Each home run the bulls eyes light up in red and smoke comes out of his nostrils.

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nick said...

I could totally get on board with the baked corn dog thing. I have to move mountains to be allowed to deep fry anything in our house - this might just allow me to have at least an austere sliver of all the great food I thought I'd be eating as an adult (when I ran away with the carnival).