Tuesday, July 7, 2009

KY Trip: Part 3

Monday my two best friends, Kelly and Brittany, and I head out for Shakertown. We met my sister and nephews in Lexington and decided to stop at Ramsey’s Diner for lunch along the way. I believe this is the location of the Ramsey’s that our friend Kristen used to work at while going to UofK (lives in Durham but also from Central KY).KY July 2009 (71)

I ordered the vegetable hot brown with banana peppers!!KY July 2009 (73)

I also had some of my sisters turkey Reuben with fried green tomatoes! Ramsey's once a great choice for delicious southern food.

KY July 2009 (74)

Once at Shakertown we strolled through several historic buildings…

Men and women had separate living courters

KY July 2009 (76) 

Loved this dried herbs rack

KY July 2009 (80) 

Dining area

KY July 2009 (82) 

Church and meeting room

KY July 2009 (84)

Sara and sweet little baby Lara

KY July 2009 (86)

Her 1st all out laugh

KY July 2009 (87) 

They had a 18 day old baby goat on the farm – she was such a cutie!

KY July 2009 (96)

We had a great day together and I was very thankful everyone could join me.

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