Thursday, November 26, 2009

Angus Barn Turkey Dinner

This evening we shared Thanksgiving Dinner at The Angus Barn (a fabulous steak house here), with our great friends Kristen, Laurence and their toddler Ellie. It was a fantastic evening, as we always enjoy spending time with them and the annual Thanksgiving buffet was a perfect end to our day.

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Andy and I have been here a few other times…once to celebrate a promotion I got, another time to celebrate getting out of that same job that I hated with a passion, and once with Andy’s parents when they were in town visiting. I can easily say it’s one of our favorite spots.

Thanksgiving 2009 (1a) 

Pre-dinner mingling, as we waited for our table, with hot apple cider…

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And a few snacks…butternut squash bisque, olives, crackers and cheese.

foodblog 011

The gorgeous main dining room with buffet and servers.

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Huge dinner plate (no seconds were needed): prime rib, turkey and gravy, stuffing, mashed potatoes, sweet potato casserole, loads of cranberry sauce, green beans, collards, broccoli and cauliflower, mac and cheese, creamed corn, ham with persimmon sauce, and fried apples. I passed on a salad, dinner rolls, shrimp, lobster casserole…all sounded delicious and I had hopes of trying a bite of each…but there was just no room.

foodblog 019

After eating about two-thirds of this, Kristen and I took Ellie on a short little walk to enjoy the decorations and Christmas tree. But also to try to make a little room for dessert…

Ellie is the cutest!

foodblog 023 foodblog 026

Pumpkin pie, pecan pie, chocolate chess pie

foodblog 006

Bread pudding with bourbon sauce, berry cobbler, and banana pudding

foodblog 007

I had about half of each of the chocolate chess pie and cobbler – delicious – and a cup of decaf coffee with cream.

foodblog 022

Our buds aka “KY friends”

foodblog 029 

Andy and I, happily stuffed.

foodblog 031

I am thankful for so much:

  • a wonderful husband that does everything to make me happy and two very happy beagles
  • phenomenal family and friends, that I can’t wait to see many of soon
  • living in an awesome city and having a great network and support system here
  • the perfect job for me and coworkers
  • a nice place to call home
  • and so, so much more!

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