Thursday, November 19, 2009

Local Blogger Dinner @ Six Plates Wine Bar

I have been super excited for about two weeks to head out for the Local Blogger Meet-up at Six Plates Wine Bar and finally got the fantastic evening last night!!

Our gorgeous venue…

Picture 8

Photo courtesy of Six Plates

As we arrived, Sarah, one of our generous hosts had ordered quite the spread for the table…

Olivares, Spanish red

foodblog 028

California Teira Sauvignon Blanc


Photo courtesy of Allie

a Cheese plate

foodblog 030

an Olive plate

foodblog 031

and the Flatbread of the Evening (tomatoes, cheese, oregano with a balsamic reduction drizzle)

foodblog 032

Allie and Caroline shooting away

foodblog 029

A huge thanks goes out to our fantastic co-host's Sarah and Allie!! It was great meeting the other bloggers as well Caroline, Meg, April, and reader Margaret.


We were even graced with a pleasant conversation with Matthew Beason, owner!!

As we moved into the evening we each ordered a plate of our own. I got the Mediterranean Salad with Poppadum and Rice Vinaigrette topped with pomegranate seeds!!

foodblog 033

Crispy truffle frites

foodblog 034

A couple others ordered the local shiitake mushroom risotto which I heard was fabulous

foodblog 035

As a farewell gift we were all surprised with fair trade chocolate from April and a goodie bag from Allie (complete with homemade cookies, spiced pumpkin pie Cliff bar and two fall flavored tea bags)!!


Photo courtesy of Caroline

Thanks again ladies for a fun night and I can’t wait to start planning our next one with you!


Kelly said...

glad you had so much fun!

Anonymous said...

That looked like fun! Yummy food with a bunch of foodies! :)