Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday – Bloggers, Showers, and Victory!

This morning, I gradually eased into the day. It began with a mug of hot coffee with milk and some blog reading. Thankfully, I had already cleaned up from last night at the tale end of the party so I got to enjoy walking down the stairs to a beautifully lit Christmas tree and a nice clean, coffee aroma filled kitchen.

Midmorning, I headed out for a Blogger Brunch at Mad Hatter's Cafe with Kath and Matt along with local bloggers/readers Meg, Lacey and Craig, Sarah, Allie, Me, Lauren and her boyfriend.

Check this out, Kath is currently featured on Oprah!! She is part of the “Deck The Blog For Oprah” series. So cool!

Today, I’m only 2 clicks away from Oprah. com (ha ha) See for yourself - click on Deck the Blogs >then select Kath > finally scroll down and select Jessica :)


I ordered the “Mad Hatter” with sunflower toast, knowing that I had more food to come at the shower in a couple hours.

foodblog 027

From there I headed to the baby shower for my sweet friend Reed, downtown at Pop’s Tattoria.

The mother and grandmother-to-be foodblog 030

We were served a gorgeous selection of Italian appetizers.

foodblog 028

And then back home to join Andy and our friends cheer on UK v UNC for the second half of the game…which was a HUGE win!!

This evening is going to be low key. I’m making Sloppy Buffalo Joes and perhaps a holiday treat.

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Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

It was so great to see you AGAIN! Twice within a couple of weeks...wahoo!! Thanks for the granola suggestion. I think it is the oil that makes it crunchier...I'm going to add it to my concoction and see the difference it makes.

I hope to see you soon!