Saturday, January 30, 2010

Winter Wonderland

Winter Storm Jan 2010 (3)

It started snowing here around 7 PM last night, pretty quickly we had about 2 inches.

Winter Storm Jan 2010 (15)

It’s now 8 AM and Andy and I are guessing that we’ve got a good 5 inches out there. We’re currently getting sleet…but were pretty excited as long as we have heat. This is our first REAL snow since moving here 3 years ago. We’ve seen a dusting a couple times, but nothing like this.

Winter Storm Jan 2010 (18)

The plow has been through once already early this morning, but our streets our covered once again.

Winter Storm Jan 2010 (19)

Andy’s already been cleaning up some minor storm damage this morning. We get a failing grade this year with properly storing our yard furniture, Andy’s hand surgery fell right at the time of year where we needed to do yard clean-up. So this year we decided to leave the gazebo up…bad idea. The awning was covered with the heavy snow and bent the metal. Andy sliced the awning open in several places to release the weight of the snow.

Winter Storm Jan 2010 (10)

Since the gazebo was up, we didn’t cover our teak wood furniture…another bad idea. Oh well, we’ll do better next year.

Winter Storm Jan 2010 (16)

After a little playing in the snow, we’ve got Slow Cooker Chicken Noodle Soup and likely Monte Cristo Sandwiches heading our way this afternoon.

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