Saturday, February 13, 2010

Watts Grocery: Valentine’s Day Dinner

The last couple of years we’ve held our Valentine’s Day dinner at home, as we were both tired of the crowds and especially the pre-fixed menus. So this year, instead of skipping out on dining out all together, we headed out Thursday night and were able to enjoy a quiet evening out with no crowds and a full menu!! Score! Plus, on the 14th we get to celebrate again at home ;)

Our dinner started off with cocktails – Andy with a Gin & Tonic and me with the House Sangria. After our meal was over, we both agreed this was the one part of our meal we could have skipped and would have been just as happy with the evening.

foodblog 004

But then came along warm, tender rolls…I had 1 1/2 of these…

foodblog 005

I had checked out the online menu ahead of time and knew I wanted this appetizer…and it was the best dish of the night for me.

Shrimp and Grit Cake—sautéed shrimp, mushrooms, bacon, and scallions in a lemon Tabasco sauce over a fried grit cake

foodblog 006

I also wasn’t leaving without these…

Hush puppies with basil mayo (Andy mentioned again how good these were today, two days later.)

foodblog 007

Andy chose the Hand-cut Ribeye, with buttermilk smashed potatoes, Bourbon brown sauce, and seasonal vegetables. I had a delicious bite of this and was impressed.

foodblog 008

I went with the Roast Poulet Rouge de Fermier with Lee Brothers pimento cheese potato gratin, seasonal vegetables and pecan pan sauce. I loved the vegetables, to me they seemed to be sautéed in a brown butter sauce and what really drew me to this dish were the potatoes…they even had a crispy topping!

foodblog 009

The shocker of the evening, even after Andy stated he didn’t want to stick around for dessert…(I think he forgot who he was married to for a moment…the Dessert Queen)…he ordered dessert himself!! I usually have to beg him to even taste a bite of mine. The Ruby Red Grapefruit Sorbet with pomegranate granita and lime meltaway cookies, was quite refreshing.

foodblog 010

I was torn between several of the desserts, but in the end went with the Caramel Layer Cake with cranberry compote. It was the perfect way to finish off such a nice dinner out.

foodblog 011

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Lele said...

Whyyyyyyy don't I live in the South?! Grits and hush puppies are the bessssssssst!!