Saturday, March 6, 2010

Enthralled with SLC!

I am blown away with how gorgeous Salt Lake City has been today. To me it was worth the airfare to just fly over the area. I'm pretty exhausted tonight after 6 hours in flight and making a 2 hour time zone change, so this post will mainly be sharing photos that I've taken today.

Here are some aerial shots:

Salt Lake and mountains

After a bit of a snag with Andy's luggage, his company had him changing from American Airlines to Delta for his 2nd leg of the trip and his luggage didn't make the switch with him. Thankfully, we were able to recover his checked bag from an incoming American Airlines flight while we were still at the airport! We then hopped into a cab and headed to our hotel.
Hotel with more mountains!!
Our room

Italian marble bathroom - um, yes please!!
View out our windows
Evening view
We also look out onto the court yard
For dinner tonight I used Google Maps to see what was closeby - we decided to head over to The Star of India. We started with the appetizer sampler which consisted of samosa, pakoras, and chicken pakoras.
For the main course we split the Muglai Biryani described as tender pieces of lamb and cauliflower cooked with exotic herbs, Indian Basmati rice, raisins & nuts along with raita and naan - delicious and really hit the spot after a long day of traveling.
Then when we returned to the hotel...a SECOND plate of cookies had arrived in the lobby. At check-in I was already greeted by a peanut butter cookie and lemon water...but these were still warm out of the oven...couldn't resist taking one...or two...back to the room with me. We were also greeted by a turn down service and chocolates on our pillows. I think I'm moving in!!


Diana said...

Beautiful photos Jessica! Looks like a wonderful vacay! I hope you guys have an awesome time! :)

Danko Family said...

It looks HEAVENLY Jess! Enjoy the trip!

Lacey said...

Wow, your trip seems to be off to an amazing start. Thanks for letting us follow along.