Sunday, March 14, 2010

A Fantastic Family Time

Wow, what a nice weekend we’ve had! Thursday night, in the rain, I drove to pick Andy up from the airport as he was returning from Salt Lake City. He had a very tight, 30 minute connecting flight to catch and made it just fine, but his luggage did not. (That was ok though, as it was delivered to our door step later that evening.) As we returned from the airport, we were greeted by his parents arrival too :) They had just completed the eight hour commute from Kentucky to visit with us for the weekend. We enjoyed a pizza dinner and catching up on the latest news.

Saturday morning we had a leisurely morning and breakfast of lox and bagels…errr make that toasted English muffins – one of our all time favorites dishes.

March 2010 001

Whipped cream cheese, with capers and diced eggs embedded and then topped with tomatoes and smoked salmon.

March 2010 002

My mother in law and I walked the pups a couple miles on Friday (and Saturday), but other than that we stayed inside and enjoyed each others company during the day. Friday night we ventured out to Revolution, as we wanted to show of some of Durham’s stellar cuisine.

Here’s a sampling of some of the dishes…

Beer Braised Mussels

March 2010 003

Mediterranean Salad

March 2010 004

Braised Rabbit with Artichokes

March 2010 005

Roasted Halibut with Saffron Coulis

March 2010 006

Beet and Goat Cheese Risotto

March 2010 007

Chinese Pork and Dumplings

March 2010 008


March 2010 009

John and Sandy

March 2010 010

Sticky Toffee Pudding with Lemon Marscapone

March 2010 011

Apple Crumb Cake with Cinnamon Raisin Ice Cream

March 2010 012

We had a fun evening, we just love dining here. Afterwards, Andy suggested we make a trip to Morgan Imports, a superb store to wander around.

March 2010 013

Saturday morning, we drove them over to both of our office buildings for a quick tour. Followed by a trip to Wine Authorities and Local Yogurt…before our 1 PM date with the Kentucky Wildcats.

Cheese plate enjoyed during the game…we picked up the cheeses and baguette from Wine Authorities and then I added in sliced apples and smoked almonds.

March 2010 014

Dinner later that evening was a large mixed salad and French Beef Sandwiches.

March 2010 015

Plus, a Rhubarb-Mixed Berry Crisp…served with Vanilla Ice Cream

March 2010 016

This morning we got to introduce Sandy and John to our priests at church, enjoy Chinese take-out and watch the UK game win the SEC Tournament!!

Wilson, catching up on the Sunday news…

March 2010 017

We’ve said our farewells and are now having a little more chill time and then plan to watch the NCAA Bracket-ology this evening.

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sarah (SHU) said...

the stationery section at morgan imports makes me so happy!

YAY revolution! we should get together for dinner soon. i want to try dos perros!