Sunday, March 28, 2010

Fun with the Fam in Durham

I had some great times this weekend with my Mom and sister. We are all three so much alike, after a day of chatting away and running around all day I am quite worn out :D

We were on a huge green smoothie kick too…

Mom making a Green Cabbage, Pear, Banana and Carrot Smoothie…tasted like dirt

foodblog 036

Sara making a Kale, Banana, Apple, and Mixed Berries Smoothie…looked like dirt

foodblog 005

Spinach, Apple, Banana, Flax Smoothie and topped with homemade granola…simply delicious

foodblog 002

I have no pictures from Friday, but we spent the afternoon in Cary. I first treated us all to an hour massage and an express facial. Then we headed to Trader Joe’s and Earthfare to pick-up our delicious eats for the weekend.

First up was a Smoked Salmon breakfast before we headed out on Saturday morning for the Durham Farmer’s Market.

foodblog 007

Some of my favorites…

Daisy Cakes, mmmm. Red Velvet, PB & Jelly, Vairhona Double Chocolate, and Chocolate Vanilla.

foodblog 008

Scratch Bakery (can’t wait for her downtown Durham location to open in a few weeks)!!

foodblog 009

Pigs in a blanket

foodblog 011

Crostatas and Empanadas

foodblog 013

Donut Muffins!!

foodblog 014

Dolly Mama Chocolates

foodblog 010

Had to pick up a hazelnut chocolate bunny for my Easter candy!

foodblog 022

We swung by The Scrap Exchange and had fun being silly in the store. Then we headed over to Wine Authorities for a free wine tasting and to purchase most of the items for our dinner (below). Plus, a must-have frozen yogurt from Local Yogurt!!

foodblog 017

We shared a yogurt cup so we’d still have room to enjoy a late lunch at Toast. My beautiful sister and me. We proudly sported our UK gear all over town.

foodblog 019

Delicious eats…

foodblog 020

foodblog 021

Even a spotting of the new Korean Taco Truck, I heard about last week.

foodblog 004

After napping and some quiet time we set-up our Wine Authorities eats…three cheeses, two loaves of bread…

foodblog 031

and a nice bottle of Welschriesling was enjoyed with the UK game. Sadly, the CATS ended their tournament games at the Elite Eight. We stand proud though with the awesome year we had, it was such a fun basketball season.

foodblog 033

Wilson snoozin’ away

foodblog 040

Sunday afternoon, we headed out to Duke Gardens before the rain that was forecasted to hit. Andy was glad to have some alone time each day too, as three of us is admittedly a lot to handle.

foodblog 052

foodblog 056

foodblog 059

foodblog 067

After an hour or so of walking we headed over (in our UK gear!) to Duke’s main campus to enjoy an outdoor Sunday brunch at The Refectory. I LOVE this place and don’t get a chance to go nearly enough. Check out their mission: "Dedicated to providing healthy, homemade, nutritious meals while preserving the environment, strengthening our community and enriching the lives of our employees." (Side note: I hated my first job at Duke and used to day dream about working here.) I forgot to take any photos :( but we shared an Egg Bake Platter with grits and sausage and Corn Flake Crusted French Toast with Strawberries.

foodblog 072

We ate it outside on the lawn with the pups.

foodblog 074

foodblog 078

Finally, we headed over to Ninth Street to pursue Vaguely Reminiscent – this was such a cute, fun hat that I tried on. And I would be lying if I didn't mention that we headed back over to Local Yogurt on Sunday too for another treat. :D

MomSara March 2010

We had such a great time together!!


Lele said...

Agh I used to go to summer camp at Duke and we would ALWAYS go to 9th street at night (it was our exciting adventure). I looooooooove Vaguely Reminiscent! And we'd also go to Francesca's for Italian sodas and/or gelato :D

sarah (SHU) said...

loyo x 2 = you are my hero :)

i want to try the refectory!