Friday, April 23, 2010

Frenzy Friday

Friday is finally here! We’ve had quite the busy week and rounded it off with having our upstairs finally painted today – yipee! It involved us clearing out our loft/office which we did over several nights. We’ve gotten 80% of it back together now – photos back on the walls, furniture in place, rugs down, dvd's dusted and back on the shelf – shew! All that is left now is two shelves of books and a bunch of miscellaneous knickknacks and photos that go on top.

Before: Everything upstairs was still painted the plain builders cream color – boring…tired of it after three years.

foodblog 063

After: The color is from Behr, called Marina Isle. I think it really gives the room a much more warm, inviting look as well as a calm serenity.

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Dvd's back into place, two shelves with books to go.

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This is at the top of the stairs (loft on the left) doors to laundry room and two bedrooms.

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To the left of the stairwell once your upstairs is a guest bathroom and bedroom (plus a linen closet).

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So what do you think of it?

Today for lunch I met one of my old co-workers at Revolution. (Get used to this restaurant being mentioned, I have plans to go three times next week!) We had lots to catch-up on and a great time with one another.

Mexican Style Seafood Soup – with avocado and cilantro. Really great, light and flavorful soup for a cloudy, breezy day.

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Brinkley Farms Springs CSA - Week 1

  • 2 heads of green buttercrunch lettuce - Salads & Lettuce Wraps

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foodblog 060

Exhausted now, deciding whether or not to finish the office…


Allie (Live Laugh Eat) said...

It looks GREAT, JESS!!! That color worked beautifully. Of course with us bloggies' seal of approval first, right?

I hope you get a chance to chillax this weekend.

Danko Family said...

It looks amazing Jessica! It's almost time for me to come up for another visit...SOLO! I love the colors you chose

Andy said...

Looks photo shopped.