Saturday, April 24, 2010

Piedmont Farm Tour

Today, Kelly and I ventured out to learn where our food was coming from…into farm territory!! The 15th Annual Piedmont Farm Tour is the nation's largest sustainable farm tour in the country, with 40 local farms participating. The tour features farms that are stainable/organic vegetable & fruit production, pasture-raised livestock (beef, poultry, pork, sheep, goats, bison), dairy, cut flowers, tobacco & other field crops, fiber production, greenhouses, wineries, and much more!

We visited two farms today:

Farmer, Richard Holcomb

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (21)

Coon Rock Farm - “A sustainable family farm providing garden crops and pasture raised antibiotic and hormone free chicken, eggs, pigs, lamb and goat on 55 acres nestled along a bend in the Eno River just outside of Hillsborough, NC. We concentrate on sustainably and bio-dynamically taking care of the land while letting it take care of us.  Our vegetables are mostly heirloom varieties and raised without chemicals of any kind.  Our animals are pastured raised and grass fed and never given antibiotics or hormones.  Our chickens are heritage breeds that provide both meat and eggs and are completely free range.”

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (4)

I was really impressed and enjoyed my tour with Richard Holcomb. I also can’t wait for his “farm-to-table” restaurant to open soon in Durham, where you can eat a meal grown by the farmer/owner and walk out that evening with a basket of fresh produce and meats to go.

Turkey’s and hens

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (10) 

Day old baby ducks

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (28)

More hen houses (portable)

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (31)

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (46)

Greens and spring onions

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (40)

Fickle Creek Farm - “In there 10th year as a growing small farm in the Piedmont of North Carolina on 74-acres. They strive to provide farm fresh, healthy products through careful environmental stewardship, sustainable practices, and humane animal treatment. Fruits and vegetables are naturally grown without inorganic chemical inputs. Eggs, chicken, and pork come from free-ranging flocks on pasture that never receive synthetic hormones, antibiotics, or animal by-products. Steers and sheep are all raised on pasture without medicated feed or synthetic hormones.”

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (49)

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (52)

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (53)

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (60)

Piedmont Farm Tour 2010 (62)

We ended our evening with a birthday celebration group dinner at Chamas for Laurence. Happy Birthday, April 25th!! 

It was a really great day - nice to be out in nature, hearing the animals, walking the grounds, and chatting with (and making new) friends…it makes me very happy.

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