Saturday, April 10, 2010

Saturday Farmer’s Market and Vegetable Gardening

Just a quick recap of our morning so far…Andy and I crashed last night at 9 PM and therefore were up wide awake at 5:30 AM. Since the market didn’t open until 8 AM I decided to make good use of my time and prepare and freeze a double batch (16 total)of Bean Burritos. (BTW, last night I also accomplished preparing and freezing 24 Black Bean Burgers before heading out to enjoy an impromptu dinner with our friends. This time where each recipe called for brown rice, I used QUINOA! I haven’t tasted either yet, but the consistency of each recipe was the same as the rice. These are my two favorite items to have in the freezer and each only take 10 minutes to reheat in the oven.)

Ok, back to the market – we got there right as it opened and where in and out in no time, this was great since we wanted to get on with the gardening back home.

foodblog 003

We picked up the first strawberries of the season and some asparagus from Vollmer Farm. I can’t wait to bite into one of these strawberries this afternoon.

foodblog 006

And also a small gift for my long time college friend Kate (from my all time favorite chocolatier, hope she doesn’t read this post before tonight!), whose 30th birthday “girls getaway weekend” I’m partaking in this evening.

foodblog 019

Right around the corner from the market is my favorite garden shop, where I have been buying my plants for the last three summers, Stone Bros & Byrd. Isn’t it a cute shop?

foodblog 005

Let’s see, we got two 4-packs of basil, a 4-pack of parsley, sage, dill, thyme, Cherokee purple tomatoes, yellow bell peppers, jalapenos, magic flowers, a large pot of cilantro and sweet 100 tomatoes, and a huge container of what we thought was red leaf lettuce…only when I went to plant it I noticed we had picked up a Chinese cabbage…in the garden it went!

foodblog 008

We also bought a few more bags of some really nice soil to give our garden the extra umpf it so needed last year – organic soil conditioner

foodblog 009

Black castings (earthworm “soil”) and Black kow (composted cow “soil”).

foodblog 012

Here’s our 4x8 baby garden – Chinese cabbage in the front, bell peppers and jalapenos on the left, tomatoes in the back, and basil and parsley on the right. I forgot that I also have my “Yummy Snacking Peppers” seeds growing inside, so I will squeeze them in as well when the time comes. We added a stepping stone in the center this year so that I can climb in and grab the vegetables, we’ll see if this is helpful or not.

foodblog 013

Here’s my herb garden that is right outside of my back door – thyme, rosemary, & sage.

foodblog 015

Basil, chives, parsley (mint is back there too).

foodblog 016

Tarragon, dill, lavender, & parsley.

foodblog 017

On the front porch I like to plant edible pots, it worked well last year with sorrel, lemon balm and chamomile. This time I chose to plant basil, dill, jalapeno, and a colorful flower mix, magic charms.

foodblog 022

foodblog 020

Off to rest a bit before meeting our painter this afternoon to show him the areas upstairs we’d like painted in a couple weeks. Then it’ll be time to head over to The Melting Pot to meet Kate and the other girls!

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