Monday, April 26, 2010

Superdy Awesome Monday

Today was so refreshing and's how my day went and the key to making every Monday one you'll be begging to start.

After a full work day...

foodblog 158

I headed just a couple streets over to a new salon called Posh for a mini-facial treatment, they were having a 1/2 off special this month on Monday's.

foodblog 156

The room was so warm and inviting, I loved the blanket that I zonked out under. This was the best facial I've ever had, so indulgent.

foodblog 157

Then it was off to Local Yogurt for "Double Punch Card Monday". I got a mango/plain frozen yogurt swirl that I topped with Dolly Mama pepita bark and crushed pineapple. I thought it turned out to be a fabulous combo. I also walked over to Wine Authorities beforehand to pick up a buttery chardonnay to have one night soon (thanks for the 20% off birthday coupon guys!).

foodblog 153

FroYo in hand, my next stop was to my favorite car wash. Here I had previously purchased a coupon for a full service car wash - outside, inside, and windows cleaned.

foodblog 154

My car was really sparkling today. I also keep tire spray in my trunk, so at my next stop I spritzed them so that they had a new shine too.

foodblog 155

I then drove over to a Greek Fiesta for a free birthday coupon for a meal of my choice. I went with the Chicken Pita wrap with a side of tabouli and a walnut baklava bite. So good!

foodblog 159

The conclusion to my evening was a 60 minute deep tissue massage. I specifically asked to have my head, feet, and back to be worked on. My masseuse was really fantastic tonight and I booked two more sessions with her over the next couple months. The next time I'm going to request a full hour on my back, which had several knots and tension spots.

foodblog 160

I came home in the best mood ever and couldn't wait to thank Andy for allowing me to have such an awesome, guilt-free evening. Tomorrow I’m getting a hair cut, can't wait to get it some of the weight taken off and restyled!


Danko Family said...

A day in Heaven! I'm glad you had such a wonderful day!!!

Tracy King said...

wow a day anyone would love... wish we had a local yogurt place, what's pepita bark?