Saturday, April 17, 2010

Venturing out in our “Hometown”

This morning we had plans to head out in our hometown to explore the Durham Art Walk. But first, we stopped at the Durham Farmer’s Market and searched for more strawberries – we came up empty handed, we were either too late in the day or a bit too early in the season. Then we headed out by foot, a half a mile, to DPAC (Durham Performing Arts Center) where we were delighted with the gorgeous pottery offerings.

foodblog 044 foodblog 043

I purchased a small pottery bowl to use for my at home yogurt combinations and perhaps a small portion of fresh fruit cobblers in the future. I love the jade color.

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Next we went across the street to the ATC (American Tobacco Campus) where there were several more artists showcasing jewelry and paintings. It’s a beautiful, peaceful restaurant & business area with lots of lush greenery. The weather couldn’t have been better today either - a breezy, partly cloudy, 70 degree day.

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From there we walked back through downtown, enjoyed a little free, live music on the plaza…

foodblog 041

said hello to a few cute kids sitting on the Durham Bull….

foodblog 042

and made our way to DAC (Durham Arts Council) to continue the art walk. You can also see my office building peaking behind DAC, I’m in the blue glass building downtown called the Durham Centre.

foodblog 047

I was excited to see that the Carolina Theatre was also apart of the art walk, since I had never gotten the chance to go inside. I work right across the street from here and watch others heading in and out all the time. I loved the historic feel inside and seeing a movie here sometime is still on my "must-do" list.

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We ended our afternoon with a celebratory brunch at Piedmont with our good friends. They were kind enough to treat us, as a “congratulations” for Andy getting his a permanent position at the EPA.

I went with the Spinach & Gruyere Quiche – it was huge and the eggs were very light and fluffy, not to mention the crust was perfectly baked.

foodblog 050

We’re now back at the house and have each taken a nap…one of us may still be napping :) Our plans are to take it easy this evening – a short dog walk, hammock reading, and couch lounging are all on the agenda.


Elizabeth Edith said...

The pottery was awesome, I love the bowl you got! I really liked the jewelry on the main floor of the Carolina Theatre too :)

Anonymous said...

Wow! You have a picture of my brick carvings on your site. Thanks. It was a beautiful day and I'm happy to see you enjoyed it too.