Saturday, May 1, 2010

Birthday Recap

I like to do something out of the ordinary for myself every year on my birthday morning. Rue Cler, a Parisian-style restaurant, bakery, and cafĂ© in downtown Durham, sells freshly baked beignets that I’ve always wanted to try. After opening a few birthday cards, that I had gotten earlier in the week and saved, breakfast was calling and out the door I went!

foodblog 165

Besides a full lunch and dinner they offer a small selection of other breakfast items and fresh baked bread daily at 2 PM.

foodblog 166

With the beignets, I picked up a coffee to go in my travel mug. Once at work I sat down to enjoy a moment of birthday morning bliss. The beignets were small, a bit chewy, a little tangy (must be sourdough) and covered in powdered sugar. They were delightful.

foodblog 168

I was also greeted by these beauties at my desk! My mouth dropped open and then was quickly replaced with a huge smile with these gorgeous flowers one of my coworkers had given me (a few birthday cards were left for me too). I am thankful to have such great friends at work.

foodblog 167

Once lunch came around, I was treated to my choice of lunch out by a friend…we headed back to Revolution! We both ordered the Masa Crusted Catfish special with Poblano & Jicama Slaw. So light and flakey with a crisp crunch from the slaw, delish!

foodblog 169

It was insisted that I get a birthday lunch dessert, I chose the Lemon Panna Cotta with Strawberry Kumquat Compote. It was a very nice, light pairing.

foodblog 171

After work I ran a few fun shopping errands before yoga class and stopped by Baskin-Robbins/Dunkin Donut for my free single scoop ice cream. I chose the Reese’s peanut butter flavor and couldn’t resist picking up my all-time favorite donut too, for after class. Though I didn’t see any vanilla sprinkled donuts in the case, they offered to prepare me a fresh one! They even gave it to me for free since it was my birthday!!

foodblog 172

That evening I came home to a couple birthday blouses that had arrived in the mail. I really liked them both, here’s one of them (dinner photo below of the other one too).

foodblog 173

Andy had picked-up our CSA basket too…

Brinkley Farms Springs CSA - Week 2

  • (3) heads green buttercrunch lettuce
  • (3) fennel bulbs
  • (1) bunch spring onions

foodblog 174

Fast forward to last night, Friday. After work Andy and I rested a bit and then headed out to Revolution for dinner. We started off with a crisp chardonnay for me and a martini for him.

foodblog 177

Next up was the appetizer special, Duck Confit nachos for me, they sat on a crisp corn tortilla and were topped with avocado cream, jicama, and cilantro. These were fun, mini one-biters.

foodblog 179

Andy chose the other appetizer special of the night, oysters in a honey suckle/lime sauce.

foodblog 178

For my main course I went with the Grilled Scottish Salmon, sweet pea shoots, lentils plus a really nice sauce.

foodblog 181

Andy got the Roasted Snapper paired with a watermelon fennel salad and rice.

foodblog 180

Though I didn’t need it…it was a birthday dinner..I chose the Bittersweet Chocolate Tort with Raspberry and Mango sauce to end the night with. (Here’s my other new blouse.)

foodblog 184

Andy’s kept up with his recent tradition of ordering a glass of vintage port.

foodblog 182

Revolution gave us a stellar meal as usual. After dinner we had a few minutes to spare and took a little stroll sound downtown. There was a great 80’s rock band playing Earth, Wind, & Fire type music in the plaza – love that!

foodblog 186

We continued our walk down to The DPAC to see WICKED: The Untold Story of the Witches Of Oz!!!! It was fabulous :D

foodblog 188

We talked about how lucky we are to be living in a city with a fun vibe, next to no traffic, only 15 minutes away from such a nice theater and killer dining spots. It was a perfect conclusion to a fantastic birthday week.

foodblog 187 

This morning we’ve been prepping for our first Derby party. I’ve made gazpacho, mint simple syrup, prepped vegetables and lettuce for a big salad with shrimp, cleaned the yard up a bit, plus a few indoor chores.  I’ve just really only got salad dressing and asparagus-parmesan tart left to prepare. Our friends are bringing their version of a “Derby” Pie and we’ve got our corn hole set out. It’s going to be a fun afternoon :)


sarah (SHU) said...

wait - revolution x 2!?!? best bday ever! glad you had a great day!

Lele said...

I have never heard of using honeysuckle in cooking! I should go raid our bushes and do some experimenting!