Saturday, May 22, 2010

Metro 8 Steakhouse

Friday night we headed over to Metro 8 to enjoy dinner with Leandra & Eric. Leandra and I have known each other for awhile via local foodie events, Wine Authorities Saturday tastings, and social media sites. Plus, both of our spouses are biologists - with ease, we planned a dinner meet-up.

Metro 8 is a local steakhouse in Durham and I believe we were all intrigued to have an excuse to try it out.

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The entrance was very cute and the atmosphere inside was cozy but spacious for a downtown eatery. It had a lovely neighborhood feel that I found to be welcoming and comforting.

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For an appetizer we ordered the empanadas which came with two of these large spicy beef stuffed delights, paired with a fresh tomato relish. The dough was flaky and crisp, wished the filling had a little something more than the chorizo-like beef… potatoes or bell peppers would have been a nice addition.

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For our entrees Andy got a NY Strip which he seemed to enjoy and I ordered the Churrasco, which was an 8 oz skirt steak. The flavor was great and had a little smoky note to it. I also really enjoyed the broccolini which was nice and tender, with a buttery flavor.

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The best part of the evening was developing stronger friendships, followed by the excellent wait service and upscale neighborhood atmosphere. The food was very good, but not stellar.


I was too lazy to gather my CSA box back together for a photo as it was already put away, but here’s what we chose this week. I included the prices and think I will continue to do this in the future, as you can see it’s very affordable.

Brinkley's Farm Springs CSA - Week 4

  • 2 heads green buttercrunch lettuce $4.00
  • zucchini $1.50
  • bundle spring onions $1.50
  • ground beef $5.00

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