Sunday, May 16, 2010

Recipe for a Kitchen Disaster

I was trying to make this recipe for Oriental Salad this afternoon for lunch...the noodles never really softened and the Chinese cabbage had too much of an earthy raw flavor to I dumped it down the disposal, yep all 10 ounces of dry noodles. It turned out that wasn't a good idea, at all...for the first time in my life I had a clogged garbage disposal on my hands...and a napping husband upstairs. Do I dare awake the beast with such news?

foodblog 043

I decided to wait it out a bit, maybe the noodles would soften as they sat clogged in the watery mess? To pass the time and make for a clean working environment when Andy woke up, I decided the news would go over smoother if I emptied the dishwasher, refilled it, and hand washed my pots/large bowls in the other side of the sink. I now had a nice clean kitchen, but still a clogged disposal (I tried it a few more times) the worry of how would this news be best broken to Andy. An hour later, I continued to ponder and he continued to nap...I jumped at every creak of the house.

I broke the news gently, we each stayed calm (thank goodness)! Andy asked that I stay out of the kitchen while he went and checked things out. It turns out the trap was completely clogged, what a stinky mess too. (This photo isn’t the worst of it…I was spared from having to see the gory details.)

foodblog 042

After a bit of prodding and pushing we were back in business. I disinfected the sink and kitchen cabinet as a last step. I was imaging that whole catastrophe going a lot worse than it did.

Now our relaxing Sunday can continue; after that whole mess I’m thinking that wine, cheeses, and baguette will substitute nicely on the dinner menu.

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Angie said...

Reading this I was thinking of the silly things I have done...and worrying about how my husband would react. I would of done exactly the same as you..let him sleep and clean...hahaha I am happy everything worked out smoothly.