Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tobacco Road Sports Cafe & Durham Bulls Game

Friday night we had tickets to a Durham Bulls game, we left a bit early so that we could have dinner at the new sports cafe that overlooks the ball park.

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Before the game started the moved the protective netting so that customers would have a better view. I actually preferred the protection…

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because two balls were hit onto the room during practice while we were enjoying our dinner.

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Andy ran over and got one for me!

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They have quite the menu and serve 70% local produce.

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Knowing that Andy was ordering the Triple Slider and that I would want to try some of each…I decided to just go ahead and order the sampler for myself too. Mine was with  sweet potato fries, just wish they were a little crispier.

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Andy chose regular fries, which were very good.

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We had a fun a fun dinner out on the patio, the beers were great and our meal was a good price and quality. The atmosphere is pretty cool inside too, I saw they had a wall of TV’s with recliners that you can sit in…maybe another time…football season will be here soon.

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A view of the restaurant from the ball park.

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We headed to our seats where we were joined by Kelly and Brian!

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The bull himself stopped by for a hello and…

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the blue monster a bit later.

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We stayed two hours and then headed back to our car…just past the “Old Bull”, to call it a night.

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Megan said...

We were at the Friday night game, too! It was great fun, and the weather was excellent. Thanks for the hot tip on the Tobacco Road Cafe! There are so many great restaurants over that way, we're never entirely sure which one to choose.