Sunday, June 13, 2010

Brunch at Vin Rouge

Kate’s “back in town” and I was so happy to be meeting her and Danea, another one of Kate’s friends, for brunch at Vin Rouge. I’ve heard great things about their brunch and that even the complimentary bread is worth going there to savor (which was the absolute truth). Vin Rouge is certainly one of the best spots I’ve been to for brunch: menu with variety, cozy atmosphere, and fantastic service, plus very reasonable prices.

The baguette was spot on, it had a nice dark crust that imparted great flavor.

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The three of us each ordered a separate dish and then shared small bites of one another’s so that we could try several items on the menu.

I ordered the Mushroom Omelet with petite salad. The omelet was perfectly cooked and was filled with a mushroom medley and gruyere cheese, the mixed salad was the perfect pairing and was lightly dressed in a house made vinaigrette.

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Danea ordered the French Toast with bacon and maple syrup. My bites were scrumptious, it had a nice crunchy exterior which I loved.

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Kate ordered the Crepe du Jour, ham and gruyere with mornay sauce. All the dishes were fabulous, but this one probably takes the cake. The edges were one of the best parts, they were extra crispy, the ham and cheese were both high quality, and the sauce brought the whole dish together.

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It’s always so nice to catch up with Kate, she shares the cutest stories about her twin 3-yr old boys. I’m lucky that she lives only about 1.5 hours away. I hope to meet her at Smithfield Outlets soon.

I came home to find Wilson being a sweetie and cuddling with Andy - so cute. Wilson did not get his daily walk today and therefore he has been very clingy as his own way of pleading to be taken on one. He's going to have to wait until tomorrow morning, as it's 92 degrees here now.

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Danko Family said...

It was so great to get togethere with you today! Have a great rest of your weekend

Kathiey said...

Hi Jessica,
I live in durham & have never been to Vin Rouge. Looks great we will have to give it a try.
Thanks for the post:-)