Sunday, June 6, 2010

Bull City Food Truck “Rodeo”

Earlier this week word began to spread that there would be a gathering of many of our local food trucks at Sam’s Quick Shop this afternoon. You’ve heard me talk about Only Burger and Daisy Cakes many times on my blog…

foodblog 068

Daisy Cakes

foodblog 064

so it’s obvious I’m a huge fan of these locally owned, high quality food trucks. This afternoons truck rodeo also included…

Indian Food on Wheels & Parlez-Vous Crepe

foodblog 060 foodblog 072

Bulkogi Korean BBQ To Go

foodblog 061

Kona Chameleon

foodblog 067

and Mom’s Delicious Dishes

foodblog 066 foodblog 065

It was a tough call as to what to pick…after walking through and reading what was being offered…and a couple short discussions with others…

I went with a $5 Asian BBQ Chicken Sandwich from Mom’s Delicious Dishes (very good choice: the roll was brioche like, the chicken was sliced and quite tender and it was topped with an Asian sweet sauce, jalapenos, cucumbers, cilantro, and fresh slaw.)

foodblog 071

and $5 Aloo Tikki Chat from Indian Food on Wheels (equally delicious potato tikkies served with chickpeas and topped with a spicy Indian curry sauce)

foodblog 074

I was thankful that I had gotten there early, before the crowds had gotten too thick and the heat and humid were still bearable (just barely). There was a good amount of tables and chairs to eat outside, but I chose to get both of my dishes to go and split them with Andy once back home.


sarah (SHU) said...

this looks so fun! we should do a truck lunch sometime :)

RTP Dogs said...

Disappointed this was not advertised more. Same old same old is Durham, it never makes the press until it is over. Would have loved to been there.

Jessica @ JJsVinBlanc said...

Sarah, I agree there is MUCH foodie action happening all around us that we need to get together on :)

Lizounette said...

Nice coverage of the rodeo!

Fred and I got there in the heat of everything around 1pm; most food was selling out and the lines were hour-long waits.

It's great that Durham has this kind of food culture.

Dogfood Provider said...

I found out about this event from the Facebook. Frankly, I am glad it was solely publicized via word of mouth -- it was a sold out event as is! Next time, more preparation, the benefit of this experience, and more publicity will result in a bigger, better, more foodietastic event!

Marlow said...

Parrish and I got there around 1pm and pretty much everything was sold out. But I did get a Loco Pop!! Even though it was sold out, it was still neat to see! RTP Dogs, if you use Google Reader, you should follow Carpe Durham! That's where I hear about most events food related. :)