Friday, June 18, 2010

Kickin’ Grass

This evening we decided we were up for a fun evening out on the town. We headed over to the American Tobacco Campus for free “Music on the Lawn “ to hear The Kickin’ Grass Band!

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They were awesome, I really loved the bluegrass music, especially “Run Away” and “Change Your Mind” (songs two and three at the above link). It was a beautiful, mellow evening outdoors in the shade.

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We packed some beers to go and on the way there we stopped by Big Cheese Pizza, a new pizza place that sells $5 large pepperoni or cheese pizzas. 1 minute and 5 bucks later I was walking out with a hot cheese pizza; the service was fantastic and they were super friendly too. The pamphlet says the cheese is hand grated and they make their pizza dough daily.

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We liked the crust, it was a cross between hand tossed and thin which works well for us because Andy tends to like the thicker and I like thin. By no means is this gourmet, but it was definitely worth the price and I am happy to have their store conveniently located to us.

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