Saturday, July 24, 2010

Family Weekend

It is scalding HOT in the Triangle this weekend!! The thermometer below reads 100.1 degrees this afternoon and the weather channel is reporting that it currently feels like 111 degrees outside. Whoa!!!!

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Friday morning, we enjoyed my homemade cranberry cinnamon rolls, which were everything I hoped they would be.

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Then we headed out mid morning (with semi pleasant weather, partly sunny with a slight breeze) to pick blueberries. We drove just 3 miles down the road to a nice patch and picked 4 lbs (at just $2.00 lb)!! This was our first time and we were all happy to learn how easy they are to harvest (no thorns, back bending, or stained hands).

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We all enjoyed a small taste to ensure their quality ;p and wow they sweet. (Aaron, 8 yrs and Colton, 6 yrs)


Mid afternoon, after a Grilled Cheese, Bacon Avocado Sandwich and Gazpacho we stopped into some cute shops on 9th St and then headed out to a Durham Bulls Baseball Club game.

Sara and me

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Andy handled the heat very well and kept us laughing all night :D

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Colton enjoyed the play area, while Aaron didn’t miss a minute of the game.

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Beautiful, but way too hot of a night at about 8 PM we started to get some relief.

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Today, Saturday, was the Durham Farmers' Market, The Scrap Exchange, Local Yogurt, and Wine Authorities :D

But first we enjoyed a nice morning pajama chat and

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Brown Butter Banana Muffins for breakfast with homemade Strawberry Marmalade and Apricot Preserves.

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After our shopping fun, we came back to a cheese plate (with peppers, tomatoes, hummus, and blueberries too).

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Sara and Mom

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Andy and me

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We’re working on Mango BBQ Shredded Pork and Zucchini Fritters now and plan to take a late evening walk around the WaDu Trail...and a bit late there will be cheesecake with blueberry sauce.

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