Friday, July 30, 2010

Fearrington Village

As you've probably seen from the lack of week night meals and postings, I've been quite busy this month. I was in desperate need of a slow, relaxed night out with friends. Thankfully, we had an evening planned with E & L to do just that...and boy did it feel nice to be at Fearrington Village. The evening was (I'll be bold to say) magical - lot's of laughing, great food and drinks.

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We arrived early for a cocktail, I ordered a Kir Royale and enjoyed the light snacks we were presented with: sugared mixed nuts, baked cheese crackers and olives.

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We were served an amuse bouche, marinated asparagus with fennel jam.

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First course: Better Boy Tomato Gazpacho Soup with Herb Goat Cheese, Red Pepper, Cucumber, Olive Oil, Crouton

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Main Course: Seared Skate with Local Crushed Fingerling Potatoes & Crab Remoulade, Spinach, Summer Squash, Baby Roma Tomatoes

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Dessert: Hot Chocolate Soufflé: Hot Chocolate Sauce, Whipped Cream

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Andy's cheese plate: Selection of Local and Regional Artisan Cheeses & Chutney

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The meal was concluded with a sweet little cookie tray.

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sarah (SHU) said...

looks amazing! we looked at the site for a wedding venue back in the day, but i have never eaten there. someday :)